Terms and Conditions


“Pre-Quest” is an online testing and tutoring Programme that prepares students for online Common Pre-tests provided by PreQuest Ltd..

Pre-Quest provides users with:

  • tips on tacking different question types
  • exercises for each question type and combined end of unit tests
  • a tailored approach which serves more challenging exercises as students master question types


Our Terms and Conditions sets out the basis upon which you can use our service at

By using Pre-Quest, you accept and are bound by these Terms and Conditions below.

Please, do read these terms carefully before signing up to Pre-Quest. If you do not agree to our terms, you shall not use any portion of our service. By accessing Pre-Quest, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement, understand, and agree to all terms and conditions.

You may also refer to our Privacy Policy which explains how we process any personal data collected from you. Our Cookie Policy explains the usage of cookies on our website. By using Pre-Quest, you agree to our data processes and warrant that the personal data you provide is accurate.

In this Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

“Pre-Quest” – PreQuest Ltd, a company registered in the HKSAR with offices at 1A Vulcan House, 21-23 Leighton Road, Hong Kong. We may be contacted via e-mail at admin@

“The Programme” – All materials accessed at as part of a User subscription.

“User” – the main subscriber to the Programme.

“Sub-User” – the individual student logins, five of which may be assigned by each User.

“Start Date” – the date upon which a User signs up and pays for access to Pre-Quest.

“Subscription period” – a defined period which begins with the ‘start date’ becomes effective once a User subscribes to Pre-Quest.

“Subscription Fee” – a fee payable in advance by User to Pre-Quest to access the Programme.


By checking the box at the end of our registration form, you accept to be bound by these Terms and Conditions which may be updated or altered from time to time and at any time Pre-Quest sees fit. In addition, Pre-Quest may from time to time add, change or remove features from the Programme or suspend or terminate the Programme altogether. You will be given access to the Pre-Quest Programme upon completion of our registration form and upon receipt of payment of appropriate fees required by you.

The Programme

You will be granted a non-transferable, non-exclusive licence which will permit you, the User, to access the Programme for the duration of the Subscription Period. Each User may subscribe and assign up to five Sub-Users and will be responsible for ensuring that these Sub-Users comply with the terms and conditions of usage.

Conditions of use

  1. You will not share or otherwise distribute materials to non-permitted 3rd parties other than User or Sub-Users. You will not download materials, display them or post them in the public domain.
  2. You will not reverse engineer, de-compile, translate, model, create a derivative of or otherwise copy the Programme.
  3. You will not use any logo or graphics contained within the programme without the express consent of Pre-Quest.
  4. As the User, you are responsible for the usage of the account and the Sub-User’s usage of the account. You may not reassign or share your account. You will take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised usage of your account. Should such a breach occur, you will immediately inform Pre-Quest in writing via e-mail at admin@
  5. You agree and undertake to maintain all information it receives arising from the use of the Programme and shall not at any time for any reason whatsoever disclose them or permit them to be disclosed to any third party during or after expiry of the Subscription period.

Delivery of the Programme

  1. You will have access to the Programme for the duration of your Subscription Period. However, please understand that the Programme may be subject to delays or problems associated with the internet. Although we will do our best to maintain service, we cannot be held accountable for technical issues or for speed of delivery. You should ensure that your broadband speed is sufficient.
  2. We cannot guarantee that Pre-Quest is free from viruses. You should have your own virus-protection in place.


  1. Pre-Quest and the associated Programme are developed with reasonable care. The materials included in the Programme have been developed by Pre-Quest Ltd.
  2. We do not give express or implied guarantee or warranty whatsoever that use of the Programme will result in a User or Sub-User passing an examination or gaining entry to a school.
  3. Whilst efforts will be made, we do not warrant that the Programme will meet your needs or that delivery will be interruption or error-free. We do not guarantee that test scores will be saved in the Programme.
  4. Your subscription is fulfilled on an ‘as is’ basis and includes all parts of the Programme such as they are at the time of subscription. We do not accept any responsibility for delays in Programme delivery or development.
  5. We try to ensure that all content is unique to the Programme. However, we do not warrant that some similarities between our materials and those available elsewhere may not exist. Any similarities are coincidental and we do not admit any liability should this be the case.
  6. To the extent permitted by law, our total liability to you for any reason shall be limited to the total of the Subscription Fees paid by you during the Subscription Period.
  7. We shall have no liability for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or malware, or negligence and expressly disclaims and excludes responsibility or liability of whatever nature for any loss, damage, costs or expenses (whether direct, indirect or consequential) arising from the use of the Programme.
  8. We have no liability for any damage or loss caused by Acts of God, riots, war, accidents, malicious damage, Government or legal orders, failure of technology, transport, utilities or networks, tortious behaviour, or under any other cause of action as a result of the use of the Programme.

Your obligations

  1. You shall keep your computer and your account safe and secure. Pre-Quest will regards all use of your account as being you, except where we have received and acknowledged your notifications to us regarding your account being compromised.
  2. You shall use the Programme in accordance with these Terms and Conditions for personal use. You may not use the Programme for commercial gain unless with express permission from Pre-Quest Ltd.
  3. You will not change or alter the contents of the Programme.
  4. You are responsible, as a User, for ensuring that any alias assigned by a Sub-User for use in the Programme will comply with generally accepted standards of behaviour and will not include foul language or any terms which may be deemed to be offensive by a reasonable person. Should this clause be breached, we reserve the right to terminate access to the Programme without notice or refund immediately.
  5. You are responsible for ensuring that your internet or network connection is robust enough to ensure smooth delivery of the Programme. We are not responsible for changes in Government regulations which may result in access to the Programme being blocked.
  6. You undertake that you will indemnify Pre-Quest and keep Pre-Quest fully indemnified against all actions, claims, proceedings, costs and damages arising out of any breach of this Terms and Conditions.


  1. You shall pay all subscription fees upon registration. Upon expiry of the subscription period, all access to the Programme will cease automatically. Any test results will no longer be accessible.
  2. All subscription fees are payable in HK$, and are non-cancellable by you and non-refundable.

Intellectual Property

  1. All materials included in the Programme (which will be provided to a User who will provide their name and contact details and access the Programme under these Terms and Conditions) remain the sole property of Pre-Quest. You agree that you will not cause or permit anything which may damage or endanger the Intellectual Property of Pre-Quest title to such intellectual property, or assist or allow others to do so.
  2. Pre-Quest Ltd is acknowledged as the author of the content included in the Programme. This agreement does not grant you any intellectual property rights in or over the Programme.


  1. If we reasonably believe that you are breaching the terms of usage or in case of legal infringement or regulatory requirement with which we have to comply, we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately. No refunds or compensation will be offered.
  2. We may terminate access to the Programme by serving written notice of immediate effect to the e-mail address provided by you..
  3. We do not accept any consequences of termination of the Programme.


The laws which apply to this Terms and Conditions are those of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In cases where Chinese and English versions of these Terms and Conditions exist, the English version shall prevail.

By using this product, I agree to be bound by the Pre-Quest Terms and Conditions contained herein.