How can PreQuest help me succeed?

The ISEB Pre-test is a set of online, adaptive tests taken in English to support admission into UK independent schools. The test is actually split into four areas which are tested separately: verbal, non-verbal, English and Maths. All questions are multiple-choice. Many students will take the test between the ages of 10 and 12 years old.

The CAT4 assessment is a set of online, adaptive tests which some schools use as part of their admission process instead of the ISEB CPT. The test is also split into four sections which focus on verbal, quantitative, non-verbal and spatial reasoning. CAT4 tests can be taken for 11+ entry and may also be used for 14+ admissions.

Our online platform, Pre-Quest, emulates the online, adaptive test model and allows students to familiarise themselves with the questions and environment that will be expected in the Pre-tests.

Whether your school uses the ISEB CPT or the CAT4, you can use your Pre-Quest subscription to practise on the areas that you need to reach your goals! All areas are included in one subscription. See below for a guide to the site and what you will get in your package.

What is PreQuest?

Pre-Quest is a new platform to help you master the ISEB pre-test. Designed by teachers, you will have access to 100s of verbal, non-verbal, English and Maths questions. Each section starts with ‘how to’ tips and ends with a unit test. You’ll get instant feedback and can retake the test if you want to try again. We have divided each topic into different units and our adaptive questions will help you develop your skills. Read the tips, practice the questions and ace your ISEB, GL and CAT4 pretests!

How to open an account on PreQuest?

This short video tells you all you need to know about how to open an account with PreQuest. Follow the steps and get started with your ISEB pretest practice.

What do I get in the ISEB CPT section?

What is in the English section of the ISEB CPT?

The ISEB pre-test assesses students’ English skills using multiple-choice questions on comprehension, grammar, and punctuation. In addition to exercises on vocabulary and editing, students will be given a short story, poem or article to read before answering questions on the passage.

What is the maths section of the ISEB CPT?

The ISEB pre-test assesses students’ Maths proficiency according to the UK year 5 curriculum level. Students will be expected to work with numbers in operations and graphs, recognise and describe geometric shapes and solve basic algebra problems.

What is non-verbal reasoning ? (ISEB CPT, GL, CAT4 and other pretests for ages 11+)

Non-verbal reasoning questions use shapes and diagrams to test your problem-solving skills. Students will carefully analyze differences and similarities involving shape patterns and relationships, such as shading, rotations, and reflections. Take a look at the videos below for some tips on some common non-verbal reasoning questions.

What is verbal reasoning? (ISEB, GL and other pretests for ages 11+)

Verbal reasoning questions test your problem-solving skills using letters and language. Students will learn to recognize word relationships, spelling patterns, and how to crack codes with practice questions involving antonyms, word combinations, and cipher shifts!

Question Tips!

How to answer non-verbal reasoning questions?

Our expert teachers guide you through how to tackle non-verbal reasoning sequences questions for the ISEB and GL pretests.

How to do non-verbal reasoning questions (completing the square)?

Our expert teachers guide you through how to tackle non-verbal reasoning sequences questions using PreQuest. Tips, practice exercises and tests for 11+, ISEB pre-tests, CEM tests and more. Conquer your pretests!