Conquer your ISEB CPT and CAT4 goals with Pre-Quest!

Conquer your ISEB CPT and CAT4 goals with Pre-Quest!

Pre-Quest is an online platform designed by teachers to prepare for the ISEB CPT, GL and CAT4 tests

We designed Pre-Quest in 2019 to make sure our Brandon Learning Centre students were prepared for the ISEB Common Pretest and CAT4 GL assessments.

All the questions have been written by our tutors who are working with ISEB CPT, GL and CAT4 students on a daily basis. We use Pre-Quest in our classes and opened up the programme so more students can benefit from our knowledge.

We know Pre-Quest works; since we developed it, we have had students winning interviews at Eton, Westminster, Winchester, Benenden, Marlborough, Wellington and many other top schools.  Our CAT4 students have excelled at Wycombe, Cheltenham Ladies, and German Swiss International assessments

Pre-Quest succeeds by breaking each topic into subsets and ensuring that students have exposure to a myriad of question types. You get to see which type of questions you have mastered and tips helps explain new question types. A link to Brandon allows parents to book a tutor if you need a bit of extra help.

You won’t be asked to pay extra for tests or updates; one package includes all you need.

Pre-Quest – Hong Kong students’ secret weapon since 2019!

All you need in one package; all updates included!

ISEB CPT; CAT4, GL ; Bonus tests. You don’t need to buy add-ons, all updates and tests are included.

Tests and analytics

100s of teacher-written questions, saved progress tests and analytics.

Reflects the latest tests

New question types are added constantly at no cost to you,

Questions from Pre-Quest parents

Do I need to buy add ons?

No! We use Pre-Quest daily in our tutorial schools and teachers are constantly adding new questions as tests evolve; at no additional cost to you.

Does it get harder as I get questions right?

Yes. Our adaptive system is developed to genuinely reflect progress and to ensure that students are given support when needed. Adaptive questions help to build confidence and to stretch!

Can I save tests and exercises?

Yes! Our tests use a mix random of questions from extensive databases allowing you to re-take with confidence knowing that you will be trying new challenges.

How do I know where my strengths lie?

Our ISEB CPT questions are divided into types so you can see which styles have been mastered and where your child may need more practice.

How does it work?

We believe in drilling – practice, practice, practice.

What about parents?

You will able to see results in real time in your Dashboard or via email reports. All tests are saved and you can see what question types your child has mastered. You can also book tutorial sessions with our online experts (extra cost)

What is the ISEB CPT – Common Pre-test? What is tested?

The ISEB CPT (Pre-test) is a set of online, adaptive tests taken in English to support admission into the UK independent schools. Brandon has prepared for the ISEB Pre-test since its inception and created a platform which can prepare for the questions found in the assessment. We have also added in many of our own cunning designs so our students are ready for all challenges!

Our aim is to find and fill in the gaps in our students’ knowledge. So you can prepare in advance, each unit in PreQuest is divided into three different levels. Each stage focuses on a separate part of the educational process and is connected to the previous materials – revision will provide practice and ensure that lessons are remembered.

What is the ISEB CPT?

The ISEB Common Pretest covers four principal areas, all of which are tested with multiple choice questions:

  • Non-verbal reasoning (solving problems using diagrams and patterns)
  • Verbal reasoning (problems working with words and language)
  • Mathematics (working with numbers, value and sequences)
  • English (grammar, vocabulary and comprehension which can include fiction, non-fiction and poetry)


Do you update the questions?

Yes! We have a team of teachers who are preparing our students for the ISEB CPT and CAT4 entrance tests. We are constantly creating new questions and uploading them to Pre-Quest.

Pre- Quest - four sections, one price

Practice is the Key!

Each exercise and test is timed, analysed and recorded so you can see progress and identify weak spots.


Feedback from other Pre-Quest users

Parents of CA

We have just been invited to interview at St Paul’s and Westminster! C really enjoyed competing with others on PreQuest.

Parents of P.L

P continues to do well in her school applications. She got boardings offers from Benenden and Sevenoaks. The pretest classes helped her a lot.

Parent of M

M is delighted that he and H will be going to Wellington together. Thank you for making preparation so easy.

V.T & N.T

Thank you for all your help in getting us into Benenden.

Parents of TF

The boys were thrilled to receive their Marlborough offers. Thank you!

Information for Parents

All you need to check your child is on track:

  • see recent activity;
  • view results by question types;
  • monitor time spent on the platform;
  • rejoice in your child’s badges and achievements;
  • compare their place in the leaderboard with other users;
  • click on the link to book online lessons with Pre-test experts (extra charges apply)

Subscriptions are on a monthly basis and we offer a 3, 9 or 9  month subscriptions.

ISEB CPT level will give you everything you need for the ISEB Pre-test. We also include another level which provides even more materials for students taking GL, CEM, 11+, MIDYIS and UKISET tests.

Extension level will give you access to bonus tests to stretch and challenge.

Monthly subscriptions start from US$85 per month and include constant updates at no extra charge.

100% of our students received interview invitations from one or all of their top three school choices.
97% of our parents would recommend PreQuest to a friend.
90% of our students use PreQuest for more than six months.