Conquer your ISEB Pre-Test with Prequest!

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PreQuest features
4 subject areas: English, Maths, Verbal, Non-Verbal reasoning
3 levels per area – 100s of questions
End of unit and mixed tests
Test feedback and tips
Leaderboard to inspire your child
Tip sheets and ‘how to’ videos written by pretest teachers
3 levels – Pretest (Y6) Prequest Plus (Y6/7) Bonus Extension (tests and more!)
Online help desk
Parent and student dashboards showing progress
Bonus ‘how to ace interviews’ book

*Payable in one installment, subject to our terms and conditions

4 sections – 1 product! All you need for the ISEB and CAT4 tests. Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Maths.

All you need: 2 levels, 1 price – PreQuest and PreQuest Plus – 100s of exercises plus unit tests and mixed tests

Adaptive Tests – new question types added regularly

Tips for each section created by pre-test teachers PLUS access to our learning video library

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BONUS “Ace your interview” ebook